a duo and trio team of improvisers
The B-Sides is Evan Bass, Brad Benson, and Becca Jones, performing either duo or trio-prov shows ... you may want all three, but sometimes you only get two of us and it is even better than you'd imagined.
Corporate Improv Training
Trained on the hard streets of the Upright Citizens Brigade and in the rough bunks of the Magnet Theater, The B-Sides offers training workshops for advertising teams and as a corporate team building activity.

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Dynamic! Active! Experienced! Hilarious! Supportive! Balls Out!
Those are all words. Words that could describe the B-Sides. Do they? We don't know, we just go and have fun and support each other on stage. You decide, we aren't here to judge, we just like to play.

The B-Sides shows feature character-focused scenes with fully organic transitions, and attempt, at every point, to push the boundaries of the improv walls.